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Works Both Ways

In a school, administrators make the rules for the teachers, and teachers make the rules for the students. Modern schools often make a big effort towards “empowerment” and “student voice,” giving students a say in how the classroom and school procedures and practices should work. Similarly, teachers are often...

Do as I do

In my career I’ve worked as a Teacher, a Tech Director, a Principal, and various combinations of those positions. They each have their expectations and requirements, many of them unique to the job. However, it’s more true than not that the various roles in schools can and should act...

Reflective Teachers at ICS

ICS teachers take the ICS Learner Profile seriously and recognize that it applies to everybody – teachers and staff members – and not just students! This was very recently evident in the response from the Learning 2.014 conference. Teachers from ICS who attended the conference had an intense and...

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