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Throwing in the towel

It’s been coming, and I’ve been dreading it. Now that it’s here, I’m just glad to have it over with. I’ve been working for years to expand the use of free and open source software in my school and amongst our teachers and students. We started with OpenOffice, which...

Gift-giving: Free Software, Free Music

For many of us, it’s gift-giving time. Choosing or making a present, wrapping it up and putting it under a tree or handing it to a friend or loved one. This Christmas, why not give free gifts? There are great sources of free software AND free music. They are...

Launching a CoderDojo

It was actually quite a nerve-wracking experience. Right up until the minute we started, I wasn’t sure that we would have anyone attending at all. We’d sent out emails. We’d put up posters around campus. We’d talked it up with students. But there really was no way of knowing....

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