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Gift-giving: Free Software, Free Music

For many of us, it’s gift-giving time. Choosing or making a present, wrapping it up and putting it under a tree or handing it to a friend or loved one. This Christmas, why not give free gifts? There are great sources of free software AND free music. They are...

Giving the gift of free software

It’s Christmas time and many people are rushing around, scrambling for presents. Here’s an idea: give things that are free. Free software not only has a great price (who can beat $0?), but also come with an ethos of freedom, openness and collaboration. They’re developed by the community, as...

Hard = Good

It’s not intuitive. It’s too hard. Such goes the typical dismissive comment on software or a website that someone isn’t familiar with. It’s a good way to diss an application without admitting that you don’t want to take the time to figure out how it works. Things should be...

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