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A new chat is born

On Tuesday night, a new event was created. Two ICS teachers – Amy Hughes & John Meinz – started up an online chat on Twitter to connect with other teachers around the world, but particularly in this region. They were inspired to do this by Jamie Raskin, who came...

Yoking up

I’ve been teased recently about how frequently I’m wearing my new Learning 2.014 safari vest. I’ve been wearing it nearly daily and people laugh at me and ask if I sleep in it. (Ha ha ha.) There’s a few reasons why I’m wearing it. Firstly, it’s because it’s comfortable:...

Reflective Teachers at ICS

ICS teachers take the ICS Learner Profile seriously and recognize that it applies to everybody – teachers and staff members – and not just students! This was very recently evident in the response from the Learning 2.014 conference. Teachers from ICS who attended the conference had an intense and...

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