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The student is the teacher and vice versa

“What are you waiting for? There are teachers in here who need your help!” I hurried the students in. It was after school – most students were heading home or hanging out with their friends, but these 8th graders were sticking around to do a little extra work …teaching...

The polyhedra of my childhood

The assignment: for “Learning Creative Learning” class, we were to read the forward from Seymour Papert‘s book Mindstorms: “The Gears of My Childhood.” We were then to write a reflection on an object from our childhood that interested and inspired us. Platonic and not so platonic dices by fdecomite...

Serious play and frivolous work

If MIT’s Media Lab really does believe in “Lifelong Kindergarten,” why should the children have all the fun? If we really think people learn better through play, creation, experimentation, etc. then why do teacher workshops and other PD efforts involve so much blah blah blah? Thus thinking, I organized...

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