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Computer Science in the IB Diploma Programme

A screenshot of a computer scientist from "Pathways in Computer Science" from University of Washington
A screenshot of a computer scientist from “Pathways in Computer Science” video from University of Washington ©

Over the past few years, we’ve been building more opportunities for students at ICS to learn aspects of Computer Science – programming, robotics, logical thinking, etc. As we’ve built those, we’ve had increased enrollment in our programming and computer science courses in the Middle and High Schools.

We’ve now reached a point where we think we can offer Computer Science within the IB Diploma programme. It will depend on whether or not we have sufficient numbers of students registering for the course, and we’ll be canvassing students in grades 9 and 10 to find out how many might take the course.

If we go ahead with this, students at ICS will be able to take Computer Science as part of their program of study – as a second Science (Group 4) choice. Most universities require Chemistry or Biology or Physics for entry, so Computer Science would be a second option. (The IB Diploma requires students to take courses in all of the first 5 groups. Instead of a Group 6 – Visual Arts – course, a student could take a second course from one of the first 4.)

Having this option will help any of our students who want to study Computer Science (or other computing fields), Engineering, Bio-tech or other technical subjects at university. It will also be beneficial to any student who is interested in using computers for analysis, development and creation. Computer Science and programming is increasingly becoming a highly valuable skill in all sorts of disciplines …even the Arts!

Any parents or students who want to learn more details about Computer Science in the IB Diploma Programme should look at the IB website, come to our IB information night on November 10th, or send me a message! I’ll be posting more about this course here on my blog, too!

Meanwhile, here’s a video I showed to the High School students to give them a more realistic idea of what Computer Science is all about:

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