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When in Rome

Like all parents, I think my daughter is pretty smart. But she showed extreme astuteness when we asked her what were the things she enjoyed the most about our trip to Rome. She thought for a bit and said, “Ice cream, good restaurants, and having fun with our friends.”...

Don’t go there

The Sistine Chapel is amazing. It’s also appalling: a horrible experience, one which I wish I had skipped. Don’t get me wrong: the paintings are incredible. The sheer number of them is amazing, and each one is an incredible work of art. The creation of Adam is arguably the...

Open every door

One of the joys of travel is the unexpected surprise and the unanticipated glimpse into another culture and society. We had this in spades while traveling in Slovakia this past Easter. One incident in particular stands out for me as an excellent example of this – and an inspiration...

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