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Hands or Brains?

This House believes that Africa needs more vocational training than academic education. It was a lively debate and an exciting end to the eLearning Africa 2015 conference in Addis Ababa. A panel of African and international dignitaries – most of them holding PhD’s – debated back and forth over...

Hard = Good

It’s not intuitive. It’s too hard. Such goes the typical dismissive comment on software or a website that someone isn’t familiar with. It’s a good way to diss an application without admitting that you don’t want to take the time to figure out how it works. Things should be...

Deconstructing Learning

Can I try? Quite possibly the greatest words a teacher can hear – this time they scared me silly. It was about three-quarters the way through the lesson. I was working with just the 9th graders in class – the 10th graders were out doing some practice college entrance...

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