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Meetings: the President and the Astronaut

There are perks of living an expat life. Besides living in intriguing places and mixing with a variety of cultures, there are also material and social benefits. One of the social benefits – especially if you live in an important capital city like Addis Ababa – is having the...

Best online maps? Surprise!

Want to find a place online? Want to see a map? Where do you go? Google’s maps, right? Guess what? It’s not the best – at least not for Addis! Take a look at these two maps: Which one looks better? Which one has more detail? The top one is from Google Maps while the...

Roll out the red carpets, here come the priests!

“When are they coming?” had to have been asked at least ten times. “Which way are they coming?” was asked a few times. People looked at their watches & scanned both ends of the street. “Didn’t she ask that already?” Leulseged asked me. He was confused by the multiple...

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