Launching the ICS App Store!


There’s a new system at school: The ICS App Store!

It has been launched this week with a couple of applications that were built by High School students to help students (and teachers) keep track of the rotating block schedule. With the application, a student can enter his or her schedule (once) and then every day the program will show what the rotation is for the day, including times of classes.

The applications have been built to run on all three computer operating systems in use at school – Windows, OSX (Mac) and Linux (Ubuntu). They’ve been tested and function well on all computers.

The students created these apps in their High School course, Developing Computer Applications. This class, which ran last year and will run again next semester, teaches students how to build applications using a free and open-source development tool called LiveCode. LiveCode has been used by many schools to teach programming and application development, and it has been used by many organizations (including KLM) and individuals to build applications for computers and mobile devices.

Future plans for the ICSapps site include more apps developed by students, a new interface, and developing apps for mobile devices. Watch the space!

(at the moment, the ICS App Store is only accessible from within our campus’ intranet, Eaglenet.)