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As part of a project-based learning week for our grade 9 students, I gave a presentation on copyright, Creative Commons and remixing work. I put together a few resources for the students, gave them a talk and sent them forth. (Based on the number and kinds of questions I got from many of them, they heard!)

I also wanted some posters to hang around school to remind students to look for things that they had permission to use. I found several explaining what the different types of licenses were like (including this very good infographic by Shihaam Donelly), but what I really wanted was something interesting and exciting that tells the students that they can use CC-licensed work. (One of the things I love about Creative Commons licenses is that they are permissive – just as I like rules about what students can do and not lists of “don’t”s.)

So I made one. I used Inkscape (I am really getting to love that program!) and got some advice from our Yearbook teacher about graphic design and put together a poster in about an hour. Here it is:

I’ve added a CC-BY license …if you’d like to use it, please do! You already have permission.

Want a PDF? Click here to download. 


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