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Lockdown! Beware the Baboonzilla!!

At first I thought it was a mistake. The lockdown signal played once, and that was it. I walked out and looked around. Students were crossing the quad, coming from lunch. I heard teachers talking to their students. Then I heard it again. “Is that you?” the teacher next...

One in a thousand

The scramble starts instantaneously. Tangled in a horde of siblings, she climbs and claws her way to the top. There, light and air tell her that she’s free to go and up and out she goes. Standing on her brothers and sisters, she scrambles up and out. There, she...

Wild about dogs

“I’ve got something special for you!” Sophie grinned broadly as she hurried us into the Land Rover. We needed little encouragement: when your safari guide is excited about something, so are you! As we set off, Sophie explained. Wild dogs had been spotted just outside the national reserve’s Oloololo...

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