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Data driven? Who’s driving?

An article on BBC News about the Ebola outbreak got me thinking about data. In all the media reports, the virus is described as having a shockingly high 90% fatality rate. This article says that the key words in reports is “up to” and that the fatality rate is...

The Student, Number 6

I am not a number, I am a free man. I went in to school to ask about my daughter’s education. Out came a laptop and up popped a spreadsheet. There was my daughter: neatly bound in row 12. A tidy little string of numbers explaining just how she...

Testing, Testing

Here they sit, hundreds of them: lined up in neat rows, with a good meter of space all around each of them. Silently hunched over their desks: pen in hand, paper scattered over their desk. Adults walking up and down the rows, offering extra paper or pens, answering questions,...

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