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Tech Fair

On Wednesday evening, the school Board held its big AGM. For an hour before that, students from all divisions of the school ran a “Tech Fair” in which they showed off the learning they’ve been engaging in during their Computing and other subject-area classes. Students showed off blogs, robots,...

Canadian Computing Competition

Click click click. Fingers tapping over the keyboard quickly, urgently. Papers rustling as words are looked up. The occasional exclamation of frustration or exultation as difficulties and successes are encountered. For three hours, five high school students participated in the Canadian Computing Contest, sponsored by the University of Waterloo’s...

Future-proofing my child

I look at my daughter and wonder about what her life will be like when she’s an adult. What kind of job will she have? Where will she live? What type of lifestyle will she have? I’m determined to help her be ready for whatever kind of life she’ll...

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