Full STEAM ahead with Grade 10 students

“A chance to work on an activity required one to use their hands to build physical objects as opposed to writing or typing.” There certainly was a buzz of excitement and energy around the SEC on Monday and Tuesday as the entire Grade 10 class worked in small groups...

Robotics: making, programming, competing

You can see it in their faces: the broad grins, the light shining in their eyes. You can hear it in their voices: “This is so cool!” These are the signs of students who have successfully done something that they’ve never done before. They’ve made something themselves, and got...

Projects of Passion

 “I wish school was like this every day.” When a teacher hears this kind of comment from a student, you know you’re doing something right. There were a number of comments like this last week from Grade 10 students. They had a week off timetable and we decided to...

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