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The joy of a small bright dot of light

There it is! The anticipation is part of the excitement: who will see it first? where? when? We stand up on our beach house’s roof deck, scanning the night sky, enjoying the breeze and the sound of the surf and the fading light of the setting sun illuminating the...

What a wonderful world(s)

There I was, going about my daily business, when NASA did it to me again. You’d think that they’d be content to let us lead regular, normal lives, but no. They just have to go and open up our minds to wonder and amazement. Jerks. NASA has always done...

Fly me to the moon

It’s rare to have moments of joy and wonder on overnight intercontinental flights …at least not when you fly economy. But sometimes the stars literally align and amazing things happen. We were flying home from Rome to Addis Ababa on Monday night, the three of us squeezed into tight...

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