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Gift-giving: Free Software, Free Music

For many of us, it’s gift-giving time. Choosing or making a present, wrapping it up and putting it under a tree or handing it to a friend or loved one. This Christmas, why not give free gifts? There are great sources of free software AND free music. They are...

In the Internet We Trust ????

A recent event highlighted the importance of checking the credibility of information published on the internet.  An anonymous blog reported Ebola cases in Kenya and Ethiopia, causing concern among many people in Ethiopia, including ICS community members. A quick check of the site found it not to be a...

Tech Fair

On Wednesday evening, the school Board held its big AGM. For an hour before that, students from all divisions of the school ran a “Tech Fair” in which they showed off the learning they’ve been engaging in during their Computing and other subject-area classes. Students showed off blogs, robots,...

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