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How websites deal with expired certificates

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Unfortunately, the verification process for our SSL certificate (read more here) has been delayed and on Sunday morning our certificate expired. This will be fixed soon, but meanwhile let’s use this teachable moment to see what happens when your web browser encounters...

Securing our website

Security has become a part of all our everyday lives. Our cars get inspected on arrival at work. Our ID is checked and we are signed in and out. Metal detectors are installed in hotels and shopping centers. Schools are no different, and security at ICS is kept high...


Passwords are a problem. Websites require them. They’re hard to remember. They get stolen. You have to change them. They’ve got all those weird characters in them. Unfortunately, passwords are with us for the forseeable future. Managing your passwords is an important skill for students and adults alike. With...

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