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Launching the ICS App Store!

There’s a new system at school: The ICS App Store! It has been launched this week with a couple of applications that were built by High School students to help students (and teachers) keep track of the rotating block schedule. With the application, a student can enter his or...

Canadian Computing Competition

Click click click. Fingers tapping over the keyboard quickly, urgently. Papers rustling as words are looked up. The occasional exclamation of frustration or exultation as difficulties and successes are encountered. For three hours, five high school students participated in the Canadian Computing Contest, sponsored by the University of Waterloo’s...

Launching a CoderDojo

It was actually quite a nerve-wracking experience. Right up until the minute we started, I wasn’t sure that we would have anyone attending at all. We’d sent out emails. We’d put up posters around campus. We’d talked it up with students. But there really was no way of knowing....

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