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Less is more

The Learning 2.0 conference eschews keynote speeches and instead presents what they call “Learning2 Talks.” These are brief (5 minute) speeches given by the workshop leaders with the purpose of inspiring participants and spurring them to take action in their own schools. The  Learning 2 Talks from the Learning 2.013 conference...

A conference with a difference

Okay, now I get it. I signed up to attend Learning 2.013 in Singapore early in the year. Two colleagues had attended the conference last year in Beijing and spoke well of it. The line-up of speakers and topics was definitely appealing and the chance to enjoy Singapore (seafood!!)...


At the iMoot, I attended a session by Vinny Stocker about the use of roles in Moodle. It’s something I know some stuff about but can always learn more. So I settled in to learn some tips and techniques. After a minute or two, I nearly fell out of...

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