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Seeing is stealing

A colleague asked me to find out about a photograph she found on the internet. It was a photo of the word “teach” spelled out in blocks, with a wooden heart pendant inserted into the word. (Think “teaching with heart.”) She liked the photo and wanted to know if...

A picture is worth 1000 words – even if it’s free

Today I read an article about the importance of using images in a classroom. I also have been doing some work with various teachers on finding Creative Commons-licensed work for reuse. As this is Open Education Week, I thought it timely to post something about a few tools I...

A MOOC more Open than Massive

#edcmooc Cuppa Mooc by Cikgu Brian I’ve just completed a MOOC on programming with Python called “Python for Informatics.” It was created and taught by Dr. Chuck (Charles Severance), on a platform that he built. This was the second course I’d taken with Dr. Chuck: I’d also taken his...

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