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Is it fixed? Or isn’t it?

It’s always when you’re in a rush that these things happen. I was trying to print something quickly as we were heading out Saturday morning, when the paper jammed inside the printer. I lifted the lid and removed the jammed paper and then closed it. Or tried to. The...

21st Century Learning

Read enough about education, and you’ll quickly find a plethora of posts, posters, and more about “21st Century Education.” ICS is including this language in much of its guiding documents. The school’s mission statement includes the phrase. The Board of Governors includes a “statement of understanding” about 21st Century Learning....

Deconstructing Learning

Can I try? Quite possibly the greatest words a teacher can hear – this time they scared me silly. It was about three-quarters the way through the lesson. I was working with just the 9th graders in class – the 10th graders were out doing some practice college entrance...

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