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Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges!

Yoking up

I’ve been teased recently about how frequently I’m wearing my new Learning 2.014 safari vest. I’ve been wearing it nearly daily and people laugh at me and ask if I sleep in it. (Ha ha ha.) There’s a few reasons why I’m wearing it. Firstly, it’s because it’s comfortable: it keeps me warm in Addis’ […]

by Learning2 (Flickr) CC-NC-SA

Best. Conference. Ever.

The first Learning 2.0 conference in Africa, Learning 2.014 Africa, has just finished. It was an absolutely amazing experience – for all participants as well as for those of us hosting it. Don’t take my word for it. Here are a few comments by participants: Best. Conference. Ever. #learning2 #l2africa — Trevor Cunningham (@chalkjockey) September […]

credit: PublicDomainImages/Pixabay - license CC0

Less is more

The Learning 2.0 conference eschews keynote speeches and instead presents what they call “Learning2 Talks.” These are brief (5 minute) speeches given by the workshop leaders with the purpose of inspiring participants and spurring them to take action in their own schools. The  Learning 2 Talks from the Learning 2.013 conference in Singapore were wide-ranging on subjects from […]