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Learning 2.014

This week, hundreds of international school teachers are coming to Addis Ababa to learn, connect and grow as educators. The conference is called Learning 2.014, and it is the first time a Learning 2.0 conference has been held outside of Asia. Learning 2.0 conferences are not really “tech” conferences...

21st Century Learning

Read enough about education, and you’ll quickly find a plethora of posts, posters, and more about “21st Century Education.” ICS is including this language in much of its guiding documents. The school’s mission statement includes the phrase. The Board of Governors includes a “statement of understanding” about 21st Century Learning....

Future-proofing my child

I look at my daughter and wonder about what her life will be like when she’s an adult. What kind of job will she have? Where will she live? What type of lifestyle will she have? I’m determined to help her be ready for whatever kind of life she’ll...

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