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Projects of Passion

 “I wish school was like this every day.” When a teacher hears this kind of comment from a student, you know you’re doing something right. There were a number of comments like this last week from Grade 10 students. They had a week off timetable and we decided to...

Learning – not in a classroom

I had some delusions before the conference started that I might actually attend some of the learning sessions. I was looking forward to sitting in on workshops and extended sessions, getting hands-on with robots and trying out Genius Hour, trying out augmented reality games… Boy, was I dumb. Since...

Learning from the students

Note: this is a cross-post from my school blog, intended for parents & students. When you attend an educational conference, you expect to learn new things from your colleagues. They give talks, they present workshops, you network with them. They tell you about projects they’re working on, they show...

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