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In the Internet We Trust ????

A recent event highlighted the importance of checking the credibility of information published on the internet.  An anonymous blog reported Ebola cases in Kenya and Ethiopia, causing concern among many people in Ethiopia, including ICS community members. A quick check of the site found it not to be a...

Internet security: Heartbleed

The web has been roiled by the “Heartbleed” bug. This problem – it’s not a virus or malware, but something not working right in software (hence a “bug”) – is causing problems for all kinds of websites …and the people who use it. What is Heartbleed? Heartbleed is a...

Not a cloud in sight

While it is true that you can’t take the sky from me, it’s also true that sometimes those skies are so blue that there’s no cloud. You can see forever – up to the moon and back. We’ve had some blue skies recently in Addis …as all clouds went...

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