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Our Digital Life

What’s the place of digital media in our lives? What’s the consequences of oversharing online? How can we make responsible choices when we use other people’s creative work? What factors intensify cyberbullying and online cruelty and what can we do to lessen them? The distinction between online life and...

Sounds Free

This holiday, I was invited to a “Secret Santa” gift-giving exchange. The only rule was that the present had to be a made one, not a bought one. An obvious choice was to make something edible – always appreciated, but also very common – but then I thought about...


Passwords are a problem. Websites require them. They’re hard to remember. They get stolen. You have to change them. They’ve got all those weird characters in them. Unfortunately, passwords are with us for the forseeable future. Managing your passwords is an important skill for students and adults alike. With...

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