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shamelessly lifted from Vinny's presentation


At the iMoot, I attended a session by Vinny Stocker about the use of roles in Moodle. It’s something I know some stuff about but can always learn more. So I settled in to learn some tips and techniques. After a minute or two, I nearly fell out of my chair: Vinny led off with […]

stolen from iMoot site

Conference as community

I’m amazed and delighted at how social and connected an online conference like iMoot is. Here I sit at my desk, working on my computer. I’m chatting with people & joking with people, trading stories and photos and such. I’ve been praised and argued with, validated and questioned. I’ve been quoted & I’ve quoted others. […]


iMoot redux

Today started the opening of iMoot 2013 – a 4-day, round the clock online conference with presentations from teachers and techies around the world showing how to use Moodle better. It’s an exciting and engaging experience …and I’m particularly glad to be back participating in the conference this year. I first attended iMoot in 2011. […]