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At the iMoot, I attended a session by Vinny Stocker about the use of roles in Moodle. It’s something I know some stuff about but can always learn more. So I settled in to learn some tips and techniques. After a minute or two, I nearly fell out of...

Moodle is ugly

During one of his presentations at iMoot, Julian Ridden showed a slide from a presentation in Germany stating, “Moodle ist hasslïch.” His point was that many Moodle courses are ugly: boring lists of PDF, PDF, PDF, quiz. He then showed a well-designed Moodle course (lots of graphics – appealing...

Conference as community

I’m amazed and delighted at how social and connected an online conference like iMoot is. Here I sit at my desk, working on my computer. I’m chatting with people & joking with people, trading stories and photos and such. I’ve been praised and argued with, validated and questioned. I’ve...

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