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Our Digital Life

What’s the place of digital media in our lives? What’s the consequences of oversharing online? How can we make responsible choices when we use other people’s creative work? What factors intensify cyberbullying and online cruelty and what can we do to lessen them? The distinction between online life and...

A sweet start to the year

The first day of classes is a problem for a computer-based course such as Developing Computer Applications. The temptation is to try to dive into working with computers, but the students haven’t received their laptops yet. (I’ve yet to figure out a system where we could just hand them...

Moving to a more standardized instructional platform

We are planning to make some significant changes in our systems for next year. In order to be more standardized and make teaching and learning easier, we will be requiring the use of specific operating systems. Operating Systems: ALL teachers, TAs and students will use either Windows 8.1 or...

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