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Sheer Joy

There is no greater reward for a teacher than when a class of students is enthusiastically engaged in learning and expresses delight in what they are doing. When it comes in the last class on Friday, it’s even sweeter! This is awesome! It’s so cool! I want to do...

Girls Can!

“This was great. We should do more of these!” Over a dozen MS and HS girls came to the ICS Makerspace/Robotics Lab on Saturday for a special girls-only technology session. They designed things, collaborated in teams, taught themselves new skills, faced problems and figured out how to overcome them,...

Full STEAM ahead with Grade 10 students

“A chance to work on an activity required one to use their hands to build physical objects as opposed to writing or typing.” There certainly was a buzz of excitement and energy around the SEC on Monday and Tuesday as the entire Grade 10 class worked in small groups...

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