Why I use free/open source software

In my job – and in my life – I use open source software. I advocate for it. I defend it. I promote it. Sometimes I win converts. Sometimes I lose battles. But I will keep on using and promoting it. I wasn’t always that way. I used Apple...

Save me!

It was quite exciting! A new version of LibreOffice was being released: loads of new features, compatibility improvements, code clean-up. I was eagerly looking forward to trying out the built-in Logo coding, importing Microsoft Publisher documents, testing the integration with document management systems, and experimenting with the personalized themes....

Freedom’s just another word for being in control

Using a computer is kind of like using a car. The device lets you do all kinds of things. It needs some maintenance. Most owners show some pride and prejudice about their chosen brand/model/etc. Owners like chatting about the pros, cons, features, etc. of the model they own, etc....

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