I’ve written many times about the wonderfulness that is open source and free software. Going along with it is free culture and open sharing. It’s a beautiful thing when people give freely, expecting nothing in return but allowing others to use their work and build on it. This past...

Throwing in the towel

It’s been coming, and I’ve been dreading it. Now that it’s here, I’m just glad to have it over with. I’ve been working for years to expand the use of free and open source software in my school and amongst our teachers and students. We started with OpenOffice, which...

Giving the gift of free software

It’s Christmas time and many people are rushing around, scrambling for presents. Here’s an idea: give things that are free. Free software not only has a great price (who can beat $0?), but also come with an ethos of freedom, openness and collaboration. They’re developed by the community, as...

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