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The problem is NOT the computer

We were checking in to board the plane, and the woman at the check-in desk told me our seat assignments. “That’s not right!” I said. “We’re a family of three, traveling with a child. You cannot give us three separate seats.” The woman apologized, but said that the plane...

Fly me to the moon

It’s rare to have moments of joy and wonder on overnight intercontinental flights …at least not when you fly economy. But sometimes the stars literally align and amazing things happen. We were flying home from Rome to Addis Ababa on Monday night, the three of us squeezed into tight...

Magical Misery Tour

In the past six weeks, I’ve flown 12 times across 7 countries. Some flights were on double-decker jumbo jets, while others were on small commuter planes. The carriers came from three different continents. On greeting family members, the stories about those flights come out …and they’re invariably of frustrations....

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