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Blending in

One of the most amusing experiences of our trip to Croatia and Slovenia was how often we’d get mistaken for a local. The typical experience went something like this: Me/Helen: “Dobar dan!” Waiter/Ticket Agent/Person on the street/etc: “Moj lebdeći brod je pun jegulja.” Me/Helen: “I’m sorry. I don’t speak...

Not like at home

Words can’t really do justice to the experience. Deep, blood-red color. Thick, plump, juicy. They were the most arresting tomatoes I’ve ever seen in my life. And they smelled strong, fragrant, earthy. And the taste… Our hostess, Pelmina, explained that she’d bought the tomatoes at a local market on...

Follow your ears

We’d just landed in the capital city of a country we’ve never visited before. It was the start of a grand adventure, a holiday full of firsts and new experiences. And my daughter was dying to see a football game. Croatia was playing its opening game of the Euro...

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