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How freely should you share your work?

I’ve been thinking about creativity and licensing this weekend. It all comes from making a video. The Project I made a short promo for the upcoming Learning 2.014 conference to show in a faculty meeting about all the great presenters we had lined up. It was fun and lively...

Use me!

As part of a project-based learning week for our grade 9 students, I gave a presentation on copyright, Creative Commons and remixing work. I put together a few resources for the students, gave them a talk and sent them forth. (Based on the number and kinds of questions I...

Best online maps? Surprise!

Want to find a place online? Want to see a map? Where do you go? Google’s maps, right? Guess what? It’s not the best – at least not for Addis! Take a look at these two maps: Which one looks better? Which one has more detail? The top one is from Google Maps while the...

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