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Sharing for the common good: the Creative Commons

Once upon a time, people thought it was great to share stories, music, painting. They’d listen to others, tell their own, and spread creativity around. Shakespeare used others’ ideas to craft new plays that were highly entertaining and thought-provoking. Mozart took other tunes and weaved them into new works....

Sharing a good read

Reading books is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Losing yourself in a story and coming out with a sense of joy and wonder is fantastic. If you can learn something along the way it’s even better. (I love reading nonfiction, so if fiction can teach me something I’m really...

Sounds Free

This holiday, I was invited to a “Secret Santa” gift-giving exchange. The only rule was that the present had to be a made one, not a bought one. An obvious choice was to make something edible – always appreciated, but also very common – but then I thought about...

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