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In the Internet We Trust ????

A recent event highlighted the importance of checking the credibility of information published on the internet.  An anonymous blog reported Ebola cases in Kenya and Ethiopia, causing concern among many people in Ethiopia, including ICS community members. A quick check of the site found it not to be a credible source of information. It was […]

21st Century Learning

Read enough about education, and you’ll quickly find a plethora of posts, posters, and more about “21st Century Education.” ICS is including this language in much of its guiding documents. The school’s mission statement includes the phrase. The Board of Governors includes a “statement of understanding” about 21st Century Learning. Our Head of School writes about […]

New blogs

In order to help all of us at ICS be better communicators, we’ve set up a blogging system on our website. We’re using WordPress, quite possibly the most widely used blogging platforms, in a multi-site environment. This enables any of our students, teachers and staff to have their own blog site within the school network. […]