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Backward looking forward

Four years ago I wrote about yesterday. Well, not exactly. I’m not really clairvoyant or a time traveler. What I wrote in 2014 was about a typical occurrence – an internet outage. These happen. Sometimes a cable breaks, sometimes a power problem disrupts service, sometimes other things can interrupt an internet connection for hours, days, […]


Technology for all

It’s not news that technology is making a big impact on education. Schools are spending lots of money on computers, robots, tablets, 3D printers, etc. Curriculum is being rewritten to embed technology skills within every subject at all grade levels. Students are being required to learn computer programming and being encouraged to become makers. But […]


The pleasures and challenges of online learning

The internet and world-wide-web have revolutionised so many aspects of society, it’s no wonder that they have changed how people learn. (It’s only surprising that it hasn’t changed more already.) Online learning has provided so many opportunities for people all over the world, that it has become extremely easy and often free to learn just […]



I’ve written many times about the wonderfulness that is open source and free software. Going along with it is free culture and open sharing. It’s a beautiful thing when people give freely, expecting nothing in return but allowing others to use their work and build on it. This past month I’ve been building some materials […]