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Just a teacher

After nearly 3 decades working in schools, with over half of that time as Technology Director or Principal, I’m starting out the new school year with a full-time teaching load and no administrative role. The reactions I’ve had from people are illuminating and have given me much fodder for reflection. “Why do you want to […]


Technology for all

It’s not news that technology is making a big impact on education. Schools are spending lots of money on computers, robots, tablets, 3D printers, etc. Curriculum is being rewritten to embed technology skills within every subject at all grade levels. Students are being required to learn computer programming and being encouraged to become makers. But […]


Do as I do

Better late than never. I’d required my students to write a plan for the semester and keep a reflective journal on what they’re learning. It’s an experiment, this class: a chance for the students to get credit for self-directed learning. So they’re each learning something different, something they’re interested in. One is learning business models, […]

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Do as I do

In my career I’ve worked as a Teacher, a Tech Director, a Principal, and various combinations of those positions. They each have their expectations and requirements, many of them unique to the job. However, it’s more true than not that the various roles in schools can and should act in similar ways and have similar […]

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Afraid to Teach

Teachers and schools have an obligation to both their students and their community to behave in a professional manner and work to educate all. This holds true even when it means flying in the face of public opinion. Recently, some schools in the US have been giving in to fear and ignorance regarding public and […]

Badges? We don't need no steenkin' badges!

Yoking up

I’ve been teased recently about how frequently I’m wearing my new Learning 2.014 safari vest. I’ve been wearing it nearly daily and people laugh at me and ask if I sleep in it. (Ha ha ha.) There’s a few reasons why I’m wearing it. Firstly, it’s because it’s comfortable: it keeps me warm in Addis’ […]