I’ve written many times about the wonderfulness that is open source and free software. Going along with it is free culture and open sharing. It’s a beautiful thing when people give freely, expecting nothing in return but allowing others to use their work and build on it.

This past month I’ve been building some materials for our Middle School classes to use in Digital Citizenship lessons. I’ve published them within the school and I’m prepping them for proper publishing to the whole community. I could not have done this without other people sharing their work freely and generously.

A resource that I have used heavily in this is Pixabay, one of my favorite photo-sharing sites. It houses lots of gorgeous photographs as well as carefully-crafted clip art …and all of it is free, with no strings attached. All the images are licensed CC0 or public domain. That means anyone (me!) can download the images and use them to create new things without worrying about accreditation or needing to cite sources. (I always do for school work and often do on this blog.)

flowers-945450_640It is wonderful that people take beautiful photographs and then offer them completely free, with no strings attached. That act of sharing in and of itself is a beautiful thing.

I’m proud to say that I’ve contributed some of my own work to the site and that some of my few offerings have been downloaded, liked and (I presume) used. I’m happy if someone finds my photographs worthwhile or helpful …and I get a great feeling that I’m sharing and helping others.

If you haven’t used Pixabay, go check it out. If you like the free photographs that people share on it, give them some thanks. And then share something of your own!

Credits: the gorgeous image of the aurora borealis is from janeb13. The hands holding flowers are from the always terrific Unsplash. Freely licensed. Thanks!


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