poster_develop_superpowersBy popular demand, and to meet the needs and interests of ICS students and parents, we are proud to announce that we are relaunching our weekend programming opportunity, CoderDojo:

ICS CoderDojo

Saturdays, from 2pm to 4pm

Starts 15 Nov & runs every weekend (except holidays & long weekends)

Room S021 (secondary computer/maker/robotics lab)


What’s a CoderDojo?

CoderDojos are informal, fun sessions where children and adults can learn programming skills in a relaxed, positive atmosphere. CoderDojos were started by James Whelton, an Irish High School student who taught himself to program and who wanted to share this skill with others. CoderDojos are free and open places to share skills and learn programming.

What are the rules?

There is one main rule: Be Cool. This is the CoderDojo way of expressing The ICS Way. We do ask parents of young children to come with your child. This not only helps with logistics, but also helps you learn alongside your child!

What will children learn?

That’s kind of up to them! This is NOT a formal lesson. There are no tests, no exams, etc. We won’t set any homework (although any children who want to practice at home are very welcome to – we’ll use free, multiplatform systems that children and parents can load onto their home computers).

We will encourage young children to use Scratch to build computer games. Scratch is an easy, free, multiplatform system that is intended to help children learn programming. (Children can use the website to code online, or parents can download and install the offline version to save bandwidth.)

Older students will be encouraged to explore Greenfoot or Processing, two versions of Java that are easy to get into. Others might like to learn Python, a powerful but simple language. We’ll also explore HTML to learn how web pages are built, as well as CSS which is what’s used to style websites. Any students who have other ideas are very welcome! Last year, we had some students take their own courses to learn Java and C++

Who’s running CoderDojo?

Both myself and Leulseged Assefa (MS Computing teacher) will be overseeing the dojo. We will also have guest experts who will help students and show some tips and tricks.

Can I help?

Sure! If you want to help supervise, organize or be a guest expert, you’re very welcome. Let me know! If you lack technical expertise, we’d still appreciate assistance in organization, supervision, etc.

Where can I find out more?

Read the FAQs of CoderDojo here. Or email me: john.iglar at


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