Learning 2.014

l2logocircleThis week, hundreds of international school teachers are coming to Addis Ababa to learn, connect and grow as educators. The conference is called Learning 2.014, and it is the first time a Learning 2.0 conference has been held outside of Asia.

Learning 2.0 conferences are not really “tech” conferences – they are about teaching and learning using new techniques, new tools, new emphases. Since technology is all around us in the modern world, these new ways of teaching and learning of necessity involve technology …but the emphasis is not on technology, it’s on learning. (Hence the name!)

l2logotextDuring the conference, teachers from ICS and scores of other schools around the world (we have people coming from four continents!) will participate in extended hands-on sessions about robotics, developing creativity in all learners, using games to promote learning, giving students time and tools for projects they are passionate about, and more! Participants will also network in person and online, forging professional learning networks that they can use throughout the year to get new ideas, share resources, and more..

We also have students working in the conference as photographers, technology support, ambassadors and even presenters! Parents and other students are encouraged to follow along – on the website, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Google+, on Flickr or Instagram, on YouTube… whew! Lots of ways to connect!

It’s an exciting event to have in Addis Ababa, and ICS is proud to be hosting the first ever Learning 2.0 conference in Africa!


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