iMoot redux

Today started the opening of iMoot 2013 – a 4-day, round the clock online conference with presentations from teachers and techies around the world showing how to use Moodle better. It’s an exciting and engaging experience …and I’m particularly glad to be back participating in the conference this year.

I first attended iMoot in 2011. I’d been pushing for Moodle to be used more widely in school as we expanded our use of technology. There’s not a lot of relevant PD available in Ethiopia and I don’t always have the time during holidays to attend conferences. So I was delighted to have access to online training. The sessions were inspiring and very informative – it was a really great experience.

Everything went so smoothly that I signed up to present and advertised the conference widely in school. Other teachers signed up, I got my presentation ready …and then it happened. In my many years, I’ve often had to shrug and use the old saying, AWA (“Africa Wins Again”), or the local variant: TIE (“This is Ethiopia”). Rarely has it been so frustrating. Technical difficulties – the details of which I will not go into – meant that not only could I not present, but I couldn’t even watch the presentations. I scrambled to have something on offer & created a Moodle course with recorded videos so that participants could have something to take away …and then I walked away. I couldn’t face Twitter or anything that week – I didn’t want to see/hear about what a great conference it was. Painful.

So this year, I cautiously approached iMoot. Waited to try out the test room for presentations before shelling out my money and advertising it to colleagues. Tried not to get excited about it in case it all went pear-shaped again. And then…

Pow! First workshop was brilliant. Second even better. And and and… new ideas, inspiration, connections… I’m back, iMoot! Let’s GO!


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